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Director / Writer / Producer

If you have a dream and want it interpreted or are looking for a great place to call a church, I would recommend Pastor Steve Garcia with Star Rising Ministries with the utmost confidence.

Being an entrepreneur and filmmaker, I can say that God clearly reveals ideas and messages in my sleep. Star Rising Ministries interpreted a few of my dreams which gave me an understanding of how God wanted to use me at the time.

My wife and I are blessed to have Pastor Steve Garcia in our lives.



Ordained Minister 


(Starred or Co-starred in 25 movies)

My name is Mel Novak.

I have been ministering in the Skid Row for 31 years and in prisons all over the country for 28 years.

I strongly recommend Pastor Steve Garcia and his wife of Star Rising Ministries in their Christian Prophetic anointed ministry.

Their Holy Spirit led interpretations of dreams is the best I have seen...for myself & for others.

I would encourage any & all reading this to call or contact them & receive personal Spirit led counsel. You will be blessed.



Ms. Orange County

Ms. America 2019

There are many gems from heaven and they come in all shapes & forms. One of these gems is Pastor Steve Garcia. 

God has used Pastor Steve to impact my life with his accurate prophetic voice and representation of a true Shepherds heart.

He is the real deal.

He has a unique way of giving simple, practical applications with accurate prophetic words that really impact you.

I may be praying regarding an issue and Pastor Steve will call and say the Lord told him to call.  With impeccable timing, he will get a download from God and it blows me away how accurately he hears from heaven and how obedient he is to the voice of the Lord.

People can have a variety of spiritual gifting, but many times the gifting doesn't match their character. Pastor Steve not only operates in hearing accurately from heaven, receiving words of knowledge, and godly insight, but also has integrity to match his strong spiritual, prophetic gift set.

My life truly would not be the same without this yielded vessel in it and for that, I'm eternally grateful.

Thank you Pastor Steve for being an example of a Shepherd who truly loves and guides God's little sheep in the kingdom.

You are an amazing and godly influencer of the influencers.




Pastor Steve's prophetic messages...will keep you moving forward.

He is a blessing to know and an encouragement when one can be so disheartened at times. He is a true man of God.



Successful Entrepreneur 
World Renown in her Field 
(She prefers to keep her identity private)

Pastor Steve Garcia is one of those rare men, who absolutely from the depths of his heart loves people.

He has the ability to listen, care and remember every detail.

No matter what the situation is, he is positive, understanding, and genuine.

He is an inspiring mentor, life coach, teacher, instructor and adviser! He is there to help you do life better.

If you need prayer, if you need advice, if you are emotionally stuck, whatever your issue is, he will pray for you and hear from God. Is that amazing or what!

His prophetic gifting from God is outstanding. Always ready with encouragement, direction, and advice.

Steve exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy.

Steve is the go-to person for conflict resolution and problem solving, especially due to the fact that God is his center.

Pastor Steve Garcia is steadfast, honest, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, dedicated, and wholehearted in his faith! 

I am blessed to have crossed paths with him and have him in my life!